Dele Ojo was a Nigerian singer and entertainer who died on May 3, 2018. He is regarded as one of the artists that popularised and promoted the Jùj genre of music.

Obasanya and his wife, who were first-generation Christian parents, gave birth to James Ogundele Ojo on July 10, 1938 in the hamlet of Ilara-Mokin. His grand mum was Osunre, and his great-grandparents were Awoolaye and Ifalooro, both from Igbara-oke, Ifa worshippers who settled in Ilara-Mokin in the 1850s.

From 1944 to 1955, he attended St. Michael’s Primary School. As a new primary school student in 1952, Dele was trained to to operate a typewriter thanks to his father’s funding. In 1954, he was hired as a clerk but quit after 3 months before being hired as a public school teacher.

Ojo’s music career began when he met Victor Olaiya, who hired him to join his music band. After Olaiya’s group broke, Ojo founded “Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers” in 1969.

Ojo and his band began recording and performing songs to acclaim at live events in Ekiti, Lagos, and Osun States. They also visited a number of cities in the United States of America.

He died on May 3, 2018, at the age of 79, in his hometown of Ilara Mokin, Ondo State.



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